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Volume 7, Issue 10, October 2019 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Intelligent (I)Mart (NFC Enabled System)PDF

Khaliq Ahmed, Ayesha Raees , Syeda Aatka Saif Qutbi,Hafiza Tayyaba Rizwan , Rabsha Rasheed

NFC is one of the emerging & promising technology that provide, means to short range contactless communication for mobile phones & other devices. It is an interactive technology that permits data to be exchanged between devices located a few centimeters apart such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags & readers. We are introducing our system for hassle-free grocery shopping by empowering the customer to pay bills for the items required in a store by simply using 'NFC enabled Grocery Mobile Application' at the cashier store identify the customer’s cart, quickly and securely user can purchase the grocery by making payment via wallet or E-Commerce.

Fear of Artificial Intelligence on People’s Attitudinal & Behavioral Attributes: An Exploratory Analysis of A.I. PhobiaPDF

Jungmin Kim

This research investigates the interplay of this fear with other latent factors that would potentially influence people’s attitudes and behavior through empirical analysis. A survey consisting of TRI 2.0 with other questions was given to 341 people in Seoul, Korea, and an independent t-test, a correlation analysis, a multiple regression analysis, and a logistic regression analysis were conducted. A t-test showed that there was no group difference when compared demographic backgrounds; however, the optimism about new technology and A.I. phobic inclination differed by two groups--A.I. acceptance. A correlation analysis revealed that SES and A.I. acceptance were correlated; optimism and innovativeness were strongly correlated; and A.I. phobia and A.I. acceptance were negatively correlated. A multiple regression analysis showed that the amount of time using a high-tech device and the optimism can lessen A.I. phobia. Lastly, a logistic regression analysis showed that the optimism and age are influencing the decision to purchase an A.I. featured prod-uct/service.

Javed’s idea of energy matter and lifePDF

Javed Iqbal

Idea depends on following five points 1 Every thing of the universe is made of very small (cannot be seen) capacitor’s like energy packets. 2 It is supposed that energy value of energy packets remains constant. the energy is only changed when they combine in form of equivalent capacitors with one another. 3 Energy packets combine in series to reduce the energy value, high energy packets are attracted towards low energy value and combine in series with them. This creates energy packets of more low energy. This process continues and longer and longer chains of series combinations are formed. In other words gravitation comes into existence and energy turns into matter. 4 Parallel circuits are produced (between series chains of packets) and the energy value is increased. (at the middle of matter formation) 5 The increased value of energy is reduced either by increment in the separation of plates (of energy packets) or by liberation of energy in different forms.