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Volume 8, Issue 2, February 2020 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication


Giuseppe Quartieri, ,Eric Chavez Betancourt,Jose Luis Ibarra Montoya, Piero Quercia

COHERENCE vs COMPLEXITY: AN APPLICATION TO WATER Eric Chaves Betancourt, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara México Jose Luis Ibarra Montoya, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara México Giuseppe Quartieri, Benveniste Award, ASTRI, ANFeA Roma Italia Piero Quercia, AMIS Roma Italia ABSTRACT The modern physics of condensed matter is analyzed applying it to water theory based upon coherence dominion concept, upon dynamic generation (self-organization) of order and upon merging of structure and function. The purpose is to propose a vision of the Nature extremely simple and elementary fully opposite to the complexity approach that appear so enthusiastically accepted and celebrated by the systemic community. Actually at molecular biologic level, it seems that coherence (order and merging of system and function) is becoming one of the most important physic and biologic law that operates the strong effect of ordering molecules by means of electromagnetic field, creating the so called “Coherence Dominions”. This appears peculiarly true for the memory of water whose molecules speech and self-organize each other by means of electromagnetic fields. This gives more support to molecular field theory than classic particles biology approach. So, the kind of bridge between physics and biology proposed by this model appears to be a very simple and elementary body of knowledge that, according to Giuliano Preparata, creates a vision of the Architecture of the Nature extremely that it is “coherent and ordered”. So his Coherence Equations – that are a generalization of Schrödinger equations – deduced by applying QED (Quantum Electro Dynamic) seem to be in contrast with complexity equations due to their inherent deep simplicity. Really, the Preparata Architecture approach to the Universe, based upon the “Coherence Equations”, appear to assert and propose a quite different vision of the Nature in which the complexity factor, mainly based upon random approach is completely outside. Water behavior is taken into account as the major example of this kind of organization giving the opportunity to mention the Ruggero M. Santilli model that, being compatible with the Preparata one, is able to explain all inherent and external water properties, peculiarly the long range ones. According to the coherence vision, Nature appears to be simpler than the one based on complexity random approach. Clearly it appears spontaneous the need to harmonize the two approaches: the complexity against the coherence approach. The problem is still open. Anyway, this work has to be seen inside the big scientific movement of the reconstruction of the physics, biology and medicine of the water, considered as “system”.

Impacts of foreign debt on the economic growth of a country: A case study of Pakistan.PDF

Izaz Arshad

The study has covered various dimension of an economy. The impacts of external debt on the economy of Pakistan has been observed in the presence of other controlled variables like FDI, remittances and net exports. Time has been taken as explanatory variable to remove the time trend from the estimation. The time series data from 1976 to 2018 have been taken from the source of WDI and various tests for the reliability have been applied before running Ordinary Least Square (OLS) . The results showed that there is a positive and highly significant impact of debt on the economic growth of Pakistan. Other explanatory variables also show the same positive significant relationship with the GDP of Pakistan since 1976.



In this article, the tests used to test the suitability of univariate time series models are examined. For this purpose, considering the Box-Pierce Q (m), Ljung-Box Q (m), McLeod-Li Q (m), Monti's Q (m) and Li-McLeod Q (m) tests, the selected model structure and appropriate sample and the performance of the tests to ensure the suitability. In order to compare the tests with each other, Monte Carlo simulation method was used to obtain the first (I.) type error results of the tests and then the experimental power results and thus the comparison was made. According to this simulation study, the first experimental error and experimental power values were taken into consideration and the results of the tests were given.

Study and Analysis of Dynamics Brazilian Tensile Strength of Granitic Rocks Using a Numerical MethodsPDF

Hakizimana Eustache

The Brazilian tensile test is an acceptable method for determining the tensile strength of brittle materials such as rock and concrete between low and intermediate strain rate. The dynamic characterization of granite as a brittle material is fundamental to understand the material behavior in the case of heavy earthquakes and dynamic events. The implementation of material constitutive law is of capital importance for the numerical simulation of the dynamic processes as those caused by earthquakes. Dynamic tests are usually conducted using the split Hopkinson bar or Kolsky bar systems, which includes both a split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) and split Hopkinson tension bar (SHTB) systems. In this study, we determined incident strain waveforms which satisfy the stress uniformity within the three kinds of granite samples for dynamic Brazilian test by combining Spilt Hopkinson Pressure bar (SHPB) test by the numerical method using LS-DYNA. The numerical simulation served the stress distribution in the granite specimen under different impact velocities. The pulse shaping technique using a thin copper disk reproduced the determined incident pulses and applied to impact the granite samples. The result shows that the high-frequency vibrations were reduced by increasing the rising time and decay time of applied pressure and stress uniformity around 475μs elapsed time, stress ratio varied around 3 time. Triangular waveform with Applied pressure of 100MPa and rising time is 220μs as showed in figure (Case 2) is acceptable to achieve the stress uniformity of the sample model in a dynamic Brazilian test using SHPB system.

Epidemiology of head lice with reference to diagnosis and treatmentPDF

Muhammad Zubair⃰, Tahara Ashraf*, Shabana Khadim⃰, Fahad Javaid*, Warda Mustfa⃰, Tayyaba Razzaq*, Maham Riaz*, Muhammad Nafees*

Head lice infestation is the infection caused by the lice in any part of the body i.e. on the head, skin etc. head lice is the insect which is very small in size of about 1-3 mm in length. There is significant history of the head lice from different countries of the world including the Pakistan. It has been studied due to the infestations caused by it and by knowing it we can found the proper treatment for it. The prevalence rate is more in the females as compare to the males. Different epidemiological and the histopathology characters of the head lice have also mentioned. The clinical manifestations are mentioned in our research article. The development includes the nits, nymph and the adult stages. The head lice infestation includes the loss of the energy, the increase in the nervousness, skin inflammation etc. We conducted the survey in the selected regions of the Narowal and mostly we collected data from the schools (Government and private).Pictorial key has been used for identification of head lice. There are different behavior shown by the head lice including the feeding, transmission and the position on the host etc. it has five mitochondrial clades i.e A, B, C, D and E. the diagnosis methods includes the use of the chemicals, instruments such as comb and the other organisms such as mite. Treatments include the use of the substances (methionine, Lindane, Carbaryl, Crotamiton etc), chemicals, head lice resistant products, instruments such as we comb, oral products and the head lice repellants. The chemicals and the substances are used in different amount. The oral products are used indifferent doses. Some of these chemicals and the substances requires the use of the antibiotics along with.

Selective removal of toxic Pb(II) ion by solid phase extraction with carboxylate derivative of C3-symmetric triphenoxy methane platform.PDF

Anup Basnet Chetry, Birendra Babu Adhikari,Keisuke Ohto

A new solid phase extraction reagent was developed by impregnating an ion-exchange ligand tris(3,5-di-tert-butyl-2-carboxymethoxyphenyl)methane into Amberlite SAD-7 resin. Sorption behavior of the resin towards Pb(II) and some other divalent transition metal was studied as a function of various experimental parameters by batch as well as continuous sorption experiments. The resin showed excellent selectivity for sorption of Pb(II) over other divalent metal ions. The sorption process was found to follow pseudo-second kinetics, and sorption equilibrium was fitted with Langmuir isotherms model. In continuous column experiment, traces of Pb(II) ions were selectively captured in the packed bed of the resin over excess of Zn(II) ions. The results infer that the new impregnated resin is a promising material as an efficient sorbent for selective removal of lead from contaminated streams

Robert Orthogonality in Normed Linear Spaces Via 2-HH NormPDF

Prakash Muni Bajryacharya, Bhuwan Prasad Ojha

The p-HH norms on $X^{2}$ were introduced by Kikianty and Dragomir in 2008. Besides that, E. Kikianty and S.S. Dragimor introduced HH-P orthogonality and HH-I orthogonality by using 2-HH norm and discussed main properties of these orthogonalities. In this paper, we test the concept of 2-HH norm to Robert orthogonality in normed spaces and discuss some properties of this orthogonality.

Decision Making and Home Responsibilities among studentsPDF

Delgie B. Buagas, Jerald C. Moneva and Adrian M. Sollano

Decision making is the way of selecting a choice and balancing the positive and negative of each opinion. Meanwhile, home responsibilities are the act of performing domestic errands and work or task that is assigned to the child. Using quantitative descriptive correlation design the researcher intends to explore the relationship between decision making and home responsibilities among students. The study will be benefited by the students, parents or guardian, teachers and to the future researchers. The study was conducted on the Senior High School Department of Jagobiao National High School. The respondents were the Senior High students. To answer the checklist with ten indicators for decision making and ten indicators on home responsibilities. The extent of student’s decision making is that they are able to make a good decision well. The extent of student’s home responsibilities is that sometimes students are responsible regarding to the task that is given to them. There is an association between decision making and home responsibilities.

Accuracy comparison between cheap multiband GPS chip and single band enterprise GPS receiver for static position observation in geodetic purposesPDF

Dr. Pradeep Sapkota Upadhyaya, Sanjeevan Shrestha

Global Positioning System (GPS) is widely used to designate position. Many brands of GPS instruments, GPS Kits and GPS evaluation Kits are available in the global market. Expensive GPS device are considered to be more accurate, thus expensive instruments are used for higher accuracy mapping and control point establishment for geodetic purpose. Some GPS vender produce highly accurate GPS instruments with many options for GPS data corrections, such as real time correction system with user friendly software for visualization of GPS data and processing facilities. This paper intends to compare the accuracy between cheap multiband GPS chip and single band enterprise GPS receiver, which are used to determine static position for geodetic purpose. In this study ‘Ublox Neo 7M GPS kit with raspberry PI 3B’ (which is a cheap multiband GPS) accuracy is compared to Magellan Promark 3 instruments. The ‘ublox center’ software is used for data logging to the Neo 7M as .ubx file and raw data file for Magellan (Single Band GPS) logging in the receiver itself. Nine control points are observed with 3 hours continuously observation in each station with both devices simultaneously, to meet the second order control point establishment standard of Department of Survey, Nepal. Positions are determined for Neo 7M chip by using logged ubx file to calculate mean of latitude, longitude and elevation, whereas for Magellan GPS, Raw files are imported in GNSS solution software without any corrections. Both outputs are considered as relative position of the observations without any corrections. Absolute Positions were calculated by using raw data file of Magellan GPS receiver as rover station, and two base stations were setup for the post processing purpose. Differences are calculated from absolute and both relative positions. The residuals are minimum for Neo 7M than Magellan with respect to the absolute position for horizontal position. With this detailed study and observation, Neo 7M is seen better for horizontal positioning and Magellan is better for height determination. Key words: Cheap GPS chip, Enterprise GPS, Accuracy Assessment, Geodetic positioning

The Long-run Implications of Financial Development on Foreign Direct Investment Flow to CameroonPDF

Etoh-Anzah Peter Angyie, Ndamsa Dickson, Azima Paudrine

Abstract This paper examines the long term effects of financial development on foreign direct investment in Cameroon for the period 1980-2017 based on data obtained from the World Bank Indicators (WBI) of 2019. The error correction model and Johansen co-integration test were employed in analyzing the data, whose results revealed that broad money (M2) and credits to the private sector has a long-run positive but insignificant impact on foreign direct investment inflows to Cameroon during this period, while bank deposits manifest an inverse relationship with Foreign Direct Investment inflows. However, the short run situation was different whereby bank deposits and credits to the private sector had a significant and direct effect, while that of broad money remained negative. Therefore, policies to encourage the growth of the financial system in the form of reduction in interest rate, lower tariffs and better custom services as well as a better control over broad money (creation of her own currency) are more likely to attract more Foreign Direct Investments into the country. It is therefore recommended that the state of Cameroon strategizes on such measures. Keywords: Financial Development, Foreign Direct Investment, Broad money, Bank deposits, Domestic Private Sector Credits, Cameroon