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Volume 8, Issue 5, May 2020 Edition - IEEE-SEM Journal Publication

Exploring the impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth: A comparison between Pakistan and IndiaPDF

Afreen Sahar, Danish Alam

This paper attempts to explore the impact of FDI on economic growth of Pakistan and India. The time period of the study is taken from 1976-2018. For the study, we have taken GDP as dependent variable while FDI, external debt and exports as independent variables. We have applied various tests for checking stationary, hetero and normality before applying OLS. After running OLS (Ordinary Least Square) we found that study confirms FDI has positively affect the economic growth of Pakistan and India and further provides an estimate that other two explanatory variables (external debt and exports) have also positively affected the economic growth of both country. We have also found out that India’s economic growth is more affected by FDI than Pakistan’s economic growth.

Combat COVID19 Diagnosis with Combined Test, Outcome: Make Up RT-PCR Shortage and RDB False Negative CoveragePDF

Uddin S.M., Hasan M. M

ABSTRACT COVID-19 diagnosis is now a burning issue in the world. WHO certified only reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technique which is used for diagnosis of COVID-19 but another side rapid dot blot (RDB) test is not recognized by WHO due to false positive and false negative issue. RDB test is so much easier and less time consuming than RT-PCR. Around the world huge people affected with COVID-19 daily but only use of RT-PCR in diagnosis is not cover all the existing cases due to some limitation of this test. Real-time reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assays were used for detection of SARS-CoV-2 from respiratory secretions collected by nasal and oropharyngeal swabs. Due to lack of technology, technical support for a large portion of people are to be undiagnosed, especially in developing country. If we programed a combined test RT-PCR with RDB, we can enhance test efficiency and efficacy. RDB test will make up RT-PCR shortage, by initial screening test of large population, and remain population confirmed by RT-PCR that make up the false negative of initial RDB test. The real result is come out if we work with.


Honelgn Abebe

The proper use of affixes in a language plays a major role in order to have effective use of the language. The purpose of this paper was to explore the main features and use of gender inflections of Kafi-noonoo (Kafa language) nouns and pronouns. The qualitative method was mainly used. This paper also used key informants and relevant materials with his personal intuition (experience) of the language to gather the data. The overall results indicated clearly observable patterns and features. In the findings, the gender distinction between masculine and feminine of common/ collective nouns were explored with the help of collected reflective data. The gender inflections of the language have a regular pattern as shown from the listed data. That is, in this data, ‘o’ indicates masculine gender and ‘e/i’ indicates feminine gender in Kafi-noonoo. Especially, third-person singular nouns and pronouns are used to distinguish the gender of nouns and pronouns. This generalization was indicated both in biological and linguistic (Grammatical) genders. The study was accomplished with the implications for future investigations.


Kena Kebede Shuremu

Abstract In pursuit of its goal of making Ethiopia a middle-income country by 2025, the government has been investing heavily in economic growth and development, social infrastructures, streamlining the public services, revamping the tax collection system, and supporting small and medium enterprises. It has also prioritized key sectors such as industry and agriculture, as drivers of sustained economic growth and development. Thus, the study was undertaken with the primary objective of assessing these major factors that hindering the economic growth and development of Dire Dawa Administration. Among the existed 28 Public Offices in the study area, the study was considered only Twelve (12)Offices. The primary sources of data were questionnaire and personal interview whereas the secondary sources of data were consisting of Journals, Articles, Government’s National Policy and other written materials of the case by different Public Officers in the study area. In the study, questionnaires were distributed to 326 respondents from Twelve (12) Public Offices that selected through probability sampling. Among the respondents, 95.09% of them were filled and returned the questionnaire, while 4.9% of them did not fill and returned back it. For interview, the head from Dire Dawa Administration, Trade and Market Development, Labor and Social Affairs, Civil Service and Good governance, and Finance and Economic Development Offices through non-probability sampling since they are the key role players in administration and implementation of the economic, finance, human resource, political and social affairs related policies, strategies and activities than the others in the study area. The study is significant for Policy makers, researchers and Public Offices in Dire Dawa Administration. According to the findings of the study, these major factors that hindering economic growth and development of the study area were includes poverty, corruption, political instability, population size, unemployment, lack of modern technology and lack of Good governance. Key words: Factors, hindering, economic, growth and Development

Benefits of Online Counselling during Lockdown in IndiaPDF

Gopal Bhagat, Pratik Darbhe

Mental health of the people is particularly important topic in the world. The performance of the people is depending upon their mental health and well being. Now days throughout the world pandemic covid-19 spread and therefore people cannot go out of their home. Most of the countries are following lockdown, this is the only solution to slow down the spread of coronavirus. In this lockdown situation many students, parents and individuals are facing mental stress. Therefore, there is need of counselor and psychologist to help people to overcome their stress, depression and sadness. Online counselling is the best option to get help from their home. People can easily talk with counselor, psychologist or health professionals through video call, live chat, Skype, WhatsApp call, audio call or another option. They can use their mobile, iPad or laptop for talking. Now days mobile is available in remote areas also. Online counselling is affordable. It is convenient for client and Counselor also. It is also allowing counselor and client more comfort, client can communicate more openly. Online counselling is helpful for parents because they do not have need to travel outside with children for counselling, it saves their travelling time and money. Through online counselling client can express themselves without any hesitation, its a variant forms of communication with some more benefits.

Dynamics of Covid-19 Transmission using Mathematical modelPDF

Md. Abu Salek and Md. Shahidul Islam

We broaden a dynamical model to recognize the underlying dynamics of COVID-19 contamination at the population in the recent world. As reported by the World Health Organization, a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was identified as the causative virus of Wuhan pneumonia of unknown aetiology by Chinese authorities on 7 January 2020. The virus was named as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses on 11 February 2020. This study aimed to develop a mathematical model for calculating the transmissibility of the virus. The model, which integrates the remedy of people, the infections of latent and medicinal people, is rigorously analyzed to gather insight into its dynamical features. The phenomenon resulted because of the exogenous infection of COVID-19 disease. The mathematical assessment is famous that the version exhibits even as COVID-19 treatment stays of infected elegance. It's far demonstrated that, in the absence of preparation, the version has a sickness-loose equilibrium (DEF) this is globally asymptotically stable, and the associated reproduction threshold is less than fraternal cases. Similarly, the model has a unique endemic equilibrium (EEP), for a special case, whenever the related duplicate threshold amount exceeds solidarity. For a unique case, the EEP is operating the use of the important manifold theorem of Castillo-Chavez.

Performance of Dowels in direct shearPDF

Heba Ali Abdel Rahman

Dowels are used at construction joints to resist shear forces. The shear resistance takes place between existing and new reinforced concrete elements. In this study the shear friction behavior of concrete section reinforced by dowels is experimentally investigated. Twenty – one models were tested. The specimens were divided into seven groups. Each group consisted of three specimens of same characteristics to reduce the effect of unintended variability in test. Specimens have dimensions of 300 * 300 * 150mm. Specimens have equal shear and flexure reinforcement. The test specimens varied in dowel length, diameter, and shape. The lengths of dowels as multiplier of bar diameter ( ) varied from 10 , 15 , 20 , to 30 . The diameters of dowels were between ( ) 8mm and10mm. The variation in shape of dowels included L shape and straight shape. The test results include among the general behavior the characteristics of load- deflection relationship, the load –steel strain relationship, load slip characteristics of dowel, dowel strain, and failure load. Based on the experimental results, the effect of the variables, being the length, the diameter and the shape assessed. Recommendations toward achieving maximum efficiency of dowels are given.

Color Coded Vowel Sound: Towards Automaticity in ReadingPDF

Larme Grace N. Balongkit

Color-aided instruction plays a vital role in children's learning. This action research aimed to improve the reading level of 19 Grade 1 pupil of Ozamiz Elementary School (OES) during the school year 2018 – 2019 by using Color-Coded Vowel Sound (CodeVS) as an intervention. This study employed the pretest and posttest design, and the data were gathered using an oral passage in Early Grades Reading Assessment in grade one, a standar-dized test as an instrument of the study. In the data analysis, counts and percents of pupils' reading status and universal themes of interview responses were noted. After the intervention period, 19 pupils became readers. The teachers observed that along with the significant improvement of their reading ability and reading level, class attendance, pupils enjoyment, interest and engagement and training effectiveness also improved. The intervention showed improved decoding skills, reading level, and reading ability of the pupils. It also provides further evidence that pseudowords/invented words can make pupils learn quickly than real names. Keywords: colors, level, intervention, pupils, reading,


Binay Kuamr gupta

Iron based industries in India uses the conventional blast furnace route which need coking coal, which is depleting very rapidly and India has also very limited reserves. Therefore, technology was evolved using non coking coal in which non- coking coal is used and steel is produced through directly reduced iron technology- the DRI or the sponge iron processes. The production of sponge iron has reduced the need of the polluting coke ovens and sinter plants of the conventional blast furnace route of the integrated iron and steel plants, however in direct reduction process pollution and generation of wastes is also causing pollution problem in industrial belts. Industrialization is essential to meet up upcoming demands of the evolution. All the industrial activity releases some amount of by-products as pollution into the environment. Iron and steel industry is one of the major heavy industries of Jharkhand and considered as resource intensive and pollution prone and added pollution to air, water resources, precious land. In central India many of the integrated iron and steel industry is highly polluting, non-compliant and resource-inefficient. The aim of the present review is to understand and get aware with the pollution, mainly (i) stack emission as air pollution, and (ii) check on the various processes from where fugitive emission occur in these Iron plants in Jharkhand.



Madagascar periwinkle has got the most medicinal properties. Madagascar periwinkle belonging to the genus catharathus is found all over the world and it very common here in India. Madagascar periwinkle plant is called ‘Sadabahar’ plant in Hindi and nithyakalyani in Tamil. It is called ‘Nithyakalyani’ because it flowers daily year round and there are two varieties that are common in India. One variety produces white flowers and the other produces beautiful dark pink flowers. Madagascar periwinkle is a very common garden plant that you will find in most nurseries. Can you believe that this simple unassuming plant is saving thousands of lives every year? Periwinkle is used for treating type 2 diabetes. It has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years for treating various diseases and especially it is very famous for it's use in treating diabetics. These studies where undertaken to find the medicinal uses of periwinkle plant in treating diabetes and found that these plants can lower blood sugar level. It is also tested in a patient suffering from diabetes(my mom)for last two months and positive results where found. Through these studies it is confirmed this medicinal plant can lower the blood sugar level.

Treatment of secured creditors during bankruptcy proceeding under Ethiopian bankruptcy regimePDF

Tafesse Tekle Sokare

This paper investigates how do the ethiopian legal system treats secured creditors during bankruptcy proceeding. To investigate this, i tried to look into the exorience of US and the UNCITRAL model law also discussed. The other litratures wrote on the same subject matter also reviewed. In addition, the cassation decision on the issue has been also evaluated. Lastly, there is conclusion and reccomendations.


Simon Stephen Mshelia, Arhyel Yusuf Mbaya and Galkaye Emmanuel

ABSTRACT The study examined the status of roads, availability of road furniture, effectiveness, reasons of the present status of roads and the possible way forwards in Chikun LGA of Kaduna State, Nigeria. Primary data were generated through the administration of 384 questionnaires to randomly, systematically and purposefully sampled population. Oral interviews and field observations were also carried out for holistic and detail evaluation of the status of roads transport infrastructure. The result of the study shows that the status of roads in the area is generally poor and grossly inadequate as reported by 74.5% of the respondents. Most of the roads are not paved or tarred as indicated by 79% of the respondent and the study shows that 79% of the roads have no road furniture. The investigation further reveals that provision and managements of the roads are being done by the communities and individuals because the government has not constructed or repair any road that links the communities in the area for over seven years. Finally, the study reveals the reason for the poor status and inadequate good rood networks as well as road furniture as Government failures and neglects of the area. The study therefore recommends that government of Kaduna State should put aside political or ethno-religious difference and provide road infrastructure in the area. Keywords: Status, road, infrastructure, furniture, transport

Mean To The Empirical Departures DistributionPDF

Dr. Nirmala Kasturi

This paper presents extended statistical properties for one of the new empirical distribution by using general known familiar methods.

Mean To The Empirical Arrivals DistributionPDF

Dr. Nirmala Kasturi

This paper presents extended statistical properties for new empirical distributions by using general known familiar methods.

Classification of Different types of skin cancer for diagnosis using digital imagesPDF

Yoganathan.M,Umesh Kumar.E,Babu.T

Melanoma is considered as a destructive type of skin cancer. However, it is hard to distinguish it from other types of skin cancer due to their similar visual appearance and symptoms. The mortality rate because of this disease is higher than all other skin- related consolidated malignancies. The number of cases is increasing among young ones. To diagnose the skin cancer easily in earlier condition, so that can be detect the skin lesion which is affected by skin cancer or not.Due to this,cost and time for the doctors to diagnose all patients for skin cancer is reduced. In this paper, We propose an intelligent system to detect and distinguish the skin cancer images by using the image processing techniques.


Dessalegn Abera Biru

Abstract In pursuit of its goal of making Ethiopia a middle-income country by 2025, the government has been investing heavily in economic growth and development, social infrastructures, streamlining the public services, revamping the tax collection system, and supporting small and medium enterprises. Thus, the primary objective of the study is to assess Good governance and Socio-economic Development of Ethiopia: Its Major Challenges in the case of Dire Dawa Administration. In the study, the Primary Sources of Data were collected through Questionnaire, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Personal Unstructured Interview while the Secondary Sources of Data were consisting of different Journals, Articles, Government’s National Policy and other written materials and Reports of the case by different concerned public officials in the study area. Accordingly, Questionnaires were distributed to One Hundred Forty Nine (149) respondents. Then, the distributed questionnaire were filled and returned back by 143(95.98%), whereas it was not filled and returned back by 6(4.02%) of them. The Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the issue under investigation was conducted with One Group consisting of Ten (10) participants and Personal unstructured interview were with the heads of each Office; Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration, Revenue Authority, Civil Service and Good Governance, Finance and Economic Development, and Justice are selected purposely as they are the key role players in the implementation of good governance and administrating public service delivery of the study area. The significance of the study is for Policy Makers, Dire Dawa Administration and other Researchers for further investigation of the case. In generally, according to the findings of the study, the major challenges of Good governance and Socio-economic Developments of the study area were includes lack of Accountability and Transparency, Poverty, Corruption, lack of building Legal, Strong Political and Economic Institutions, less Public Participation and Disrespect of Rule of Law. Therefore, in order to foster the socio-economic developments of the society in the study area, it needs to eliminate the major challenges of Good governance. Key words: Good Governance, Socio-economic, Developments, Major, Challenges